Rooftop Greenhouse Agrotopia

Client: Inagro and REO Veiling
Project: 9500m2 research facilities for vegetable cultivation with public facilities
Location: Oostnieuwkerksesteenweg Roeselare Belgium
Planning: design 2015-2017, construction 2018-2020
Budget: 11,8 mi euro
Co-Architect: Meta Architectuurbureau
Cultivation technology: Wageningen UR Glastuinbouw
Construction engineer: Tractebel engineers
Installation engineer: Tractebel engineers
Greenhouse construction: Smiemans projecten

rooftop greenhouse Agrotopia is an ambitious project for research and demonstration of vegetable cultivation that will further connect Inagro, the Flemish institute for agriculture, to the agro-logistical sector and the food-consumer.

rooftop greenhouse Agrotopia will become the proud Landmark of the Green Hub along the ring road of the city of Roeselare. The building will be realized on the roof of the vegetable and fruit wholesale market REO; the food logistical heart of West-Flanders. The innovative design will be an example for future food production within the city, intensified use of space, circular energy and water usage and sustainable horticulture.

The 9.500 sqm building houses high-tech research facilities for fruit-vegetable and leaf-vegetable cultivation surrounded by an educational routing for a wider public. As a result one can experience the cultivation of vegetables such as tomatoes and lettuce as well as peppers and strawberries in four different climate zones. The buildings grand entrance stairs lead to the newly introduced level where the Urban Agriculture Square and visitors facilities are located in the heart of the building. The Vertical Greenhouse Gevelserre contains a double height Greenhouse for the innovation of stacked horticulture solutions. The base of the Gevelserre contains the rainwater storage and a reed filter for residual wastewater treatment.

rooftop greenhouse Agrotopia is a proud and transparent sculpture of steel and glass. Its architecture is defined by the thin greenhouse construction that silhouettes the sky, resting on the market?s concrete base. In this way the building will establish a prominent position for Urban Agriculture on industrial roofs in the city skyline of Roeselare.

Construction will start end 2018 as the beginning of 2020 the building will open its doors to horticulturists, researchers and the wider public.