Who Cares

The Netherlands is an exception in how we treat our elderly. Almost everywhere in the world, adult children take care of their aging parents and the elderly take care of their children's children. Familiewonen wants to restore this balance by formulating intergenerational housing concepts. By letting parents and children live next to their own grandfathers and grandmothers. By allowing the growing space needs of the family to take advantage of the shrinking space needs of the elderly. By allowing the financial deficit of the family to take advantage of the financial space of the elderly. By balancing housing, care and life.

"Family living is intended to enable multi-generational and community living."     

Living in a Familiehof brings back the balance in caring for and caring for each other. The ability of the elderly and vulnerable people to live at home for longer goes hand in hand with the ability of informal carers to sustain this for a long time. This coherence is our perspective both socially and spatially. The construction method of a Familiehof is intended to enable multi-generational housing and community life. Community formation that extends beyond the residential courtyard, to stimulate mutual help and support, is the motivation. Caring, co-reliance, self-direction/responsibility and reciprocity are shared core values.

"In this way, people can mean more to each other in daily life in an accessible way."

The Familiehof consists of a mix of homes for a mix of people: families, singles, young people, the elderly, people with and without care needs. In this way people can mean more to each other in daily life in an accessible way. Reciprocity, sharing and complementarity - that which one lacks, the other can supplement - is stimulated.

Van Bergen Kolpa is prize winner in the outdoor category of the Who Cares competition, organized by the Government Architect. An honorable mention as a recommendation to do this everywhere in the Netherlands.

Client: Who Cares - community of practice
Project: Family homes, care homes and apartments
Location: Geleen
Planning: design 2017
Construction budget: 2.3 mi euros
In collaboration with: Monique Biloro