14 aug. 2023

Van Bergen Kolpa事务所在Leyten房地产开发商的委托下为鹿特丹设计一座包含46套公寓与一个绿色中庭的可持续住宅。这座新住宅位于鹿特丹未来的高线公园Hofbogenpark与Insulindestraat之间。

19 jul. 2023

Maasbode完成地基浇筑。 经过拆除、开挖、打板桩和钻孔桩等各项准备措施后,地下室下层基础终于在今日完成了水下混凝土浇筑。地下室和预制上部结构即将开始安装,预计 2026 年完工。

8 mrt. 2022

Van Bergen Kolpa 正在为瓦赫宁根大学设计一座 9300平方米的用于研究和接待的新温室建筑。项目位于荷兰园艺产业的中心Bleiswijk市。

21 sep. 2021

Official opening of Dakserre Agrotopia by His Majesty the King Philip of Belgium during the Festival of the Future.

1 sep. 2021

Agrotopia, the largest rooftop greenhouse in Europe, will be officially opened to the public during the festival of the Future from September 25 to Sunday October 3.

7 jul. 2021

Van Bergen Kolpa designs 125 circulair houses for the >Hortus-Floriade te Almere > commissioned by Amvest Dura.

29 okt. 2020

Start sale of houses Familyscraper de Maasbode by BPD and contractor van Wijnen.

9 okt. 2020

van Bergen Kolpa and Wageningen UR investigate on behalf of AG Vespa the feasibility of redevelopment of SAMGA Grain silos in Antwerp Belgium up to 10,000m2 Vertical farm.

7 nov. 2019

Van Bergen Kolpa supports and co-finances the international Sky High Vertical Farming research consortium.

Van Bergen Kolpa supports and co-finances the Sky High Vertical Farming research with NWO, Unilever, Philips, Bayer, Priva and GrowX. The four-year and 5 million euro multidisciplinary research into Vertical Farming in urban buildings is in collaboration with Wageningen UR and TU Delft.

12 apr. 2019

Van Bergen Kolpa事务所受AgriGarden中环易达委托在北京国家农业科技创新园设计一座3.500平方米的垂直农场作为主入口建筑。

13 mrt. 2019

Van Bergen Kolpa and Meta participate in the closed design competition Manufakture on the Abattoir site in Brussels Belgium.

29 jan. 2019

Van Bergen Kolpa 事务所受 AgriGarden中环易达 委托在衡水设计一座 12.000平方米的 垂直农场

2 jan. 2017

Van Bergen Kolpa wins architectural selection for design and execution of 106 forest homes in the project DUIN Almere commissioned by AMVEST.

3 jan. 2016

Team van Bergen Kolpa with Meta, Tractebel, WUR and Smiemans wins the 10.000m2 Rooftop Greenhouse Inagro in the competition Pilootprojecten Productief Landschap of the Flemmish state architect.

1 jan. 2016

van Bergen Kolpa wins architectural selection for design and execution of 86 dune dwellings for plan DUIN Almere commisioned by AMVEST.

15 jul. 2013

Van Bergen Kolpa with Wageningen UR and Loos van Vliet Landscape take part in the invited competition for the Agricultural Demonstration Center commissioned by Cofco Eco Valley, Beijing China.

1 jun. 2012

Co-Housing shortlisted for the  Hedy d'Ancona Award for exellent health architecture 2012.

18 jul. 2009

Together with 24 international firms, van Bergen Kolpa presents their design for the Olympic Quarter in Almere. The apartment building within the urban plan of MVRDV commissioned by Stadgenoot.

1 jun. 2006

van Bergen Kolpa Architects commissioned to design the new housing facilities for a young and eldery community in the Co-housing project Hoogvliet.