31 aug. 2022

Agrotopia published in the Argentinian PLOT Magazine.

1 aug. 2022

Agrotopia published in the Korean C3 Magazine #421 in the article ‘How Urban Agriculture can transform cities’.

3 jul. 2022

Agrotopia published in the German ARCH+ Magazine #248 in article ‘Produktive Landshaften’.

18 jun. 2022

Van Bergen Kolpa and Meta interviewed by Park Semi about Agrotopia in Korean magazine SPACE #655.

16 jun. 2022

Agrotopia gepubliceerd in Infosteel #69.

1 mei 2022

Agrotopia published in Korean design magazine DESIGN #527.

1 apr. 2022

Agrotopia gepubliceerd in het Spaanse Architecture Viva #243 in het artikel 'Templo de Ceres'.

1 dec. 2014

The Japan Architect and Urbanism A+U # 531 publishes interview with van Bergen Kolpa on 'Architecture for Food' including Park Supermarket, Co-Housing Hoogvliet and Klimaat bestendige stad 2050.

1 apr. 2013

Dutch magazine de Architect publishes Bangkok Adaptive City 2045 in article 'What the Netherlands can learn from Thailand'.

1 jan. 2012

Co-Housing Hoogvliet published in the new years issue of the magazine de Architect 2012 with beautifull pictures of Jeroen Musch.

29 okt. 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Park Supermarket on!

1 jan. 2011

Publication of Park Supermarkt in the book 'Kost, nieuwe gezichten op eten' by Brigitte van Mechelen and Diana Krabbendam published by BIS Publishers.

1 nov. 2010

Park Supermarkt published in Dutch magazine Stedenbouw + Ruimtelijke ordening (S+RO) #5 met als thema voedsel.

1 aug. 2010

Park Supermarkt published in the Korean design magazine FRAME #75.

1 aug. 2010

Park Supermarkt is published in a special theme issue of de Architect on City and Nature.

1 apr. 2004

Japanese magazine Architecture and Urbanism (A+U) #403 publishes project Greenhouse and Land.