Bergpolder Zuid

Commissioned by Estrade projects and Vestia Rotterdam North van Bergen Kolpa has been appointed as urban planner of Bergpolder Zuid. On invitation of van Bergen Kolpa Bernadette Janssen has been appointed as supervisor of the area. Earlier in 2007 van Bergen Kolpa developed an urban vision for the area.

The area around the Bergwegstation in Bergpolder will be redeveloped. The location has the potential to become the centre of Bergpolder south. The objective is thereby an urban district with a mix of people who can stay in the area throughout their 'living career' and where urban families find a place. For this we are designing a balance between living, amenities and the public space. The area lies on the interface between the district of Blijdorp and the Oude Noorden and is bordered by a number of important National Monuments such as the van Maanen Swimming pool, the Bergpolderflat and the raised train track Hofbogen.

Vestia Rotterdam North and the municipality North want develop the Masterplan together with the city of Rotterdam, Hofbogen B.V, local residents and entrepreneurs.

For this reason of van Bergen Kolpa works with all parties in a workshop for the urban vision. The master plan is delivered end of 2011.

Client: Estrade projecten en Vestia Rotterdam Noord
Design atelier: Deelgemeente Noord, dS+V, OBR, Hofbogen bv, bewonersorganisatie Bergpolder
Project: Masterplan for housing, amenities and commercial within an area of 12 hectare
Location: Centre area of Bergpolder south
Planning: design 2009-2011