Westpolder Bolwerk DP7

Coming from Rotterdam, Westpolder Bolwerk is Lansingeland's first residential area. The urban design is based on the garden city idea. Houses with gardens all around along recognizable green public spaces such as an avenue, canal and courtyard and a garden ribbon as a legacy from the agricultural past. It is also a neighborhood from which you can walk directly into the polder. And a neighborhood with a different urban atmosphere in every street.

Bolwerk's architecture is based on the idea of the garden city. Houses surrounded by greenery that radiate simplicity, tranquility and self-confidence. Houses of beautiful materials such as a classic red brick facade, roof tiles in gray tones, a wooden overhang, masonry chimneys and wooden window frames with fine rods.


"Here we have looked for cohesion without losing sight of the individual."

The variation in types is large, because we played with the canopies, roof heights, gutter height, size of the windows and the rising facades. Buyers can opt not only for an extension of the house, but also for a bay window, a flower frame or a chapel.

This differentiation ensures that 'the village' gets clear recognition points. 'I live in the house with the rising facade' or 'you have to turn right at the house with the bay window.' Here we have looked for cohesion without losing sight of the individual. Together it will become a leafy neighborhood with plenty of space for the quality of living.

Client: Ontwikkelingscombinatie Gouden Buurten CV
Project: 18 appartementen en 240 eengezinswoningen
Location: Berkel en Rodenrijs
Planning: design 2015-2020, construction 2017-2023
Contractor: RIZ Bouw Installation design: A vijftien bv Installatieontwerp