Country Houses Waddinxveen

In Waddinxveen, the Triangel residential area is being realized for approximately 2700 homes. The residential area, based on an urban design by Lodewijk Baljon Landscape Architects, consists of seven neighborhoods that are located around a newly created park. The architecture of the first neighborhood is built in a country house style.

The country houses are designed in blocks of 2 to 6 houses. The staggered facade line and gutter height give the blocks a human scale. Small-scale is enhanced by the articulation of groups of houses, by variation in window dimensions and the composition of the facade. Sculpture and living pleasure are visible through expressive chimneys and existing dormer windows. Security and rurality are enhanced with a visible roof, by rods in the windows and leafy materials.

"The staggered facade line and gutter height give the blocks a human scale."

Designing with shadow effect at block level (staggered), gutter level (cantilevered gutter), entrance level (canopies), window level (brick negge), and material level (deep joint) creates plasticity with an ever-changing incidence of light.

 A Country style style calls for raw materials with a coarse texture. The bricks are coarse and in thick format, the lintels and water hammers in pigmented concrete, the roof tiles are ceramic and the gutters and rain drainage are made of zinc. Real materials with restrained detailing. The roofs end in the material itself, awnings and dormers are covered with roof tiles and the shed is part of the landscape gardening.

Architecture for people, where coming home, a social living experience and a good relationship with the garden and the street are central.

Client: BPD Ontwikkeling BV, Regio Zuid-West
Project: 150 single-family homes
Location: Waddinxveen
Planning: design 2014, implementation 2015-2016
Contractor: Adriaan van Erk Bouw