Delta_Works is a design for a self-sustaining water supply source, situated between the high speed rail line (HSL, under construction) and a motorway in an iconic Dutch polder, the Haarlemmermeer. The future HSL will form part of an international network which will adopt different styles according to the destination and the landscape through which the trains pass. The Dutch section gives access to the northern lowlands and is characterized by the primal image of a country scourged by wind and water.

The design forms a contemporary variant of the works of traditional Dutch hyrdological engineering. Joined up to the existing system of waterways and pumping stations, Delta_Works purifies the polder water, acts as a storage basin and generates the additional pumping capacity required for Haarlemmermeer. The energy is generated by wind turbines situated at the highest-lying point of the site. The ensemble is designed as a spectacular kinetic sculpture which is glimpsed from various perspectives by train passengers, drivers and plane passengers.

Client: Atelier HSL
Project: entry to competition, A Design for a Place Left Over After Planning?
Hydrological advice: Waterschap Rijnland
Planning: design 2003