Groeien en Bloeien

Growing and Blooming is a development strategy for the contemporary bulb growing business within the culturally historical landscape of the Dune and Flower bulb Region in west Holland. The representative face of the bulb-growing businesses of marketing, tourism and sales sit proudly as family 'homesteads' along Bulb Boulevards. While the new free-standing bulb sheds are isolated production points in the familiar bulb fields and combine traditional storage techniques with modern cultivation and processing forms in a region-specific typology. The strategy Growing and Blooming forms a balance between the preservation of the open, culturally important landscape and the present economies of bulb cultivation and tourism.

Client: Competition Soul and Soil; The Desired Landscape - finalist.
Project: new bulbshed typologie
Planning: Design 2004
Advisor: Jac Uittenbogaard & zn BV bollenteelt te Noorwijkerhout