Leeuwenkuil Rotterdam forms the urban development cornerstone with which Afrikaanderwijk will be prominently located on the Hilledijk and connects with the surrounding neighborhoods on the Kop van Zuid. The urban development structure connects on the one hand with the urban development of Parkstad and on the other hand with the fine-meshed fabric of the Afikaanderwijk.

Leeuwenkuil Rotterdam consists of 4 residential blocks, accessed by narrow residential streets, around a green city serf. In addition to houses, this yard also houses the neighborhood facilities for the handy shed and the meeting room. The Stadserf thus becomes the green and social heart of the neighborhood. Lazy stairs and ramps provide a natural transition between neighborhood and city, between the dike park and green city yard. Here children can play safely and residents meet for a chat or a drink.

"The four residential blocks contain a rich mix of housing types that meet the needs of urban families."

The four residential blocks contain a rich mix of housing types that meet the needs of urban families. Large single-family homes of 2-4 storeys with front doors and living areas on the public space of the Stasderf. Spacious maisonettes with a slightly elevated location on the Hilledijk and Paul Krugerstraat. Wide apartments with ingenious layouts for urban forms of cohabitation such as the friends house, starters loft and the multi-family floor.

The architecture is tough and robust due to the size of the block and the boldness of the buildings, refined and detailed by the modern rhythm of facade elements and nuanced decoration. The architecture has a human scale with recognizable warm materials including a soft cemented plinth, brickwork in relief and wooden frames and doors.

Client: AM & BAM wonen Project: 53 single-family homes 159 apartments and 600m2 commercial space and parking. Design: with Juurlink + Geluk stedenbouw & landschap Consultants: Cauberg Huygen, Next urban mobility, Urbanos Participatie: Afrikaanderwijk Co-op
Location: Leeuwenkuil Rotterdam zuid
Planning: closed selection (2nd prize)