Westpolder Cente Bridge

The lantern bridge over the Zilvergracht is part of the central area of ​​Westpolder Bolwerk. This makes it more than just a river crossing and gives shape to the residential quality of the shopping area.

"The Westpolder bridge is one of the first synthetic bridge constructions suitable for heavy traffic."

The plastic composite bridge was made in the port of Rotterdam and transported to its place in one piece. The bridge deck is finished with a block pattern granulate tread.

The revetments of the Zilvergracht are made of wood. These protrude about 50 cm above ground level and are fitted with a wide plank. This creates a more than one hundred meters long bench on the edge of the Zilvergracht.

To allow the bridge to adhere to its surroundings, the railing is made of the same hydraulic engineering material as the revetments. The thick bilinga wooden railings and brass lanterns give character to the bridge as river crossings and as a place on the edge of the center of Westpolder Bolwerk.

Client: Municipality of Lansingerland
Project: Heavy traffic bridge
Location: Westpolder Bolwerk Lansingerland
Design: design 2012, realization 2013
Contractor: Fibercore Europe