Kaap de Goede Hoek

Kaap de Goede Hoek is a development strategy for the Waterwegcentrum West: a dune area along the coastline of the Hook of Holland. The beach boulevard is the most prominent public recreational space of Kaap de Goede Hoek, which forms the connection between housing, the dune landscape and recreational facilities.

The beach boulevard is a wooden deck curving along the top of the Hook of Holland dunes. At three strategic locations the boardwalk widens to form characteristic public spaces: an intimate dune square, a prominent events podium and a spectacular panorama balcony. Arriving by train, bike or car the beach boulevard forms the entrance to the beach, apartments or the hotel and is integrated with the surrounding walking trails and cycle paths. Parking facilities are located underneath the deck. Adjacent to the deck two prominent coastal buildings are situated.

A housing block marks the end of the dune road and the entrance to the beach. The building celebrates outdoor living with a series of terraced sun decks. The sloping volume deflects the prevailing south-westerly winds thus creating a comfortable situation on the lower lying square. The skewed top of the tower looks over de Nieuwe Waterweg. The building mostly accommodates corner apartments and is accessed by four shared stairwells.

Hotel de Nieuwe Waterweg is as a wind eroded rock on top of a dune with its orientation to the river. In contrast with the rough outside climate the hotel lobby is a warm and protected interior space. A theatrical staircase leads the visitors to the restaurant on the first floor with a view of the Nieuwe Waterweg. The conference centre is situated on the top level accessing a roof terrace overlooking the biggest port of Europe.

Client: AM Wonen Zuid-Holland zuid
Project: scenario development for housing and recreational facilities along the coast
Design: in co-operation with BGSV (urban planning), Vista (landscape design) and VY Architecten
Location: Hoek van Holland
Programme: 640 houses, 12.000m2 hotel and facilities, 1200 parking places
Planning: design 2005-2007