Boulevard Houses Nieuwe Waterweg

Right at the Nieuwe Waterweg, between Rotterdam and Hoek van Holland, a series of family houses and apartments are designed to an alternating boulevard front. The houses are designed to protect but also enjoy the southern sunshine, the fresh wind and the phenomenal views in all seasons. With a wide balcony, lots of glass and a fireplace or outdoor pool, the residents can specify their own ideal Boulevard house along the river Maas.

The Boulevard houses are arranged in two stretches of ten houses in three layers with apartments on each end. The transition between the boulevard and the houses is shaped with elevated front gardens. This creates a natural separation while the view is celebrated. The masonry staircases, garden walls with doorbell and letterbox marks the boundary between public and private.

To ensure privacy between residents and shelter for the weather elements, the glass facade is contained in an approximately 3 meter deeply frame. The depth of the framework also forms a climate zone; A protected transition between the inside and outside. Throughout the seasons you can enjoy the outdoors, the southern sunshine, the fresh wind and the phenomenal views. With wide balconies, a high living kitchen, glass folding wall, outdoor fireplace or outdoor pool, buyers can further customize the climate zone to their ideal Boulevard property on the river Maas.

Client: BPD Ontwikkeling BV, Regio Zuid-West
Project: 17 gezinswoningen en 4 appartementen
Location: Het Balkon Maassluis
Planning: design 2014-2016, construction 2017-2018
Construction costs: 7 mi euro Contractor: Waal
Photography: Scagliola Brakkee, Filippo Rossi