The project Family Scraper de Maasbode defines a balance between living and working, flourishing families and urban professionals, cultural amenities and the green public spaces in the city center of Rotterdam. The building site is situated on the border of the modern city-center and a nineteenth century neighborhood, between a mix of high and low-rise developments, cultural amenities and welfare facilities.

"The stepped floors and its green outside spaces of Family Scraper de Maasbode continue the adjacent park environment of Het Landje."

It is on the edge of Rotterdam's entertainment quarter and a popular mixed-use neighborhood. The site can be defined as a pivotal location; therefore we have developed a diverse program for Family Scraper de Maasbode. The transparent top floors position the building in the skyline of the city and place the neighborhood Cool on the map of Rotterdam.

Urban amenities such as an urban espresso bar, art-gallery and commercial services are situated in the plinth of the building. On the first series of floors you can find studios and city apartments in the proximity of the street life close to the dynamic Witte de With Quarter. Above them, in the lee of the city's mass are a series of stepped family houses with spacious terraces orientated towards the sun. All family houses have a front door at an intimate courtyard. This is the place for neighbors to meet and a safe place for children to play. On the top floors spacious lofts offer a panoramic view over the city.

The identity of Family Scraper de Maasbode block is expressed in its appearance and orientation to the green related technology of the building. Shared use of the available natural resources of sun and wind energy, heat interchange, natural air circulation and rainwater play an important role in defining the character of family living in the city center of Rotterdam.

Client: BPD B.V. Zuid-West, Delft
Project: 21.100m2 high-rise development for commercial space, apartments end stacked family homes
Location: Schiedamsevest Rotterdam
Planning: design 2004-ongoing, start construction 2021
Building costs: 42 mi euro
Construction engineer: WSP en van Rossum raadgevende ingenieurs
Building fysics en fire safety: DGMR adviseurs
Transport and mechanical engineering: Valstar Simonis
Lightdesign: Lichtvormgevers bv
Green plantation: van Ginkel Groep
Interior design house: Bergblick Interieurarchitectuur
Contractor: van Wijnen bouw