Park Supermarkt Oregional

The design aims at a Landscape Supermarket. A park-like setting showcasing in an attractive way how the Oregional farmers products are cultivated. Therefore the existing small-scale parceled landscape will be developed in its original and characteristic way. You will find orchards with fruits, fields with vegetables, fishponds and cattle on grasslands. Along undulating snake walls Mediterranean crops grow in microclimates like grapes and olive trees.

Along the fields of the Landscape supermarket small paths and farmer sheds are situated that inform the customers and allow for opportunities to taste and buy the products. Diagonally through the area runs a recreational bike and walking path that showcases an overview of the food assortment and its production landscapes.

"Along the fields of the Landscape supermarket small paths and farmer sheds are situated."

Along the Ooyse band dike the entrance of the Park Supermarkt Oregional is situated. This entrance area with two existing buildings is equipped with a restaurant terrace that offers a splendid view on the Park Supermarket. A wide stair over the dike leads the visitors into the Landscape Supermarket. A small market square in between the building connects the complex to the old river Waal. Here the natural river landscape is connected with the culture landscape of the Ooijsche Schependom.

The former industrial warehouse and railway station building are reused and transformed into a fresh market and entrance building. Here the visitors can taste the products in the restaurant and shop their groceries in the indoor fresh market. Behind the buildings the parking facilities for bikes and cars are situated.

Client: Gebiedscooperatie Oregional
Project: Landschap Supermarkt
Location: Ooijpolder Nijmegen
Programme: 30ha stadsgerichte landbouw en 2300m2 supermarket, restaurant and education
Landscape & ecology: Alterra Wageningen UR
Planning: design 2010