Vertical Farm Beijing

Vertical Farm Beijing is the ambitious entrance building for the National Horticulture Innovation Park of China in Beijing. The three-storey building with vertical horticultural solutions will be the proud icon for urban food production on the Beijing ring road.

In the building researchers, growers and the public can get acquainted with the latest techniques in the field of vegetable growing and ornamental horticulture. Around the central public hall of the building are three floors with vertical leafy vegetable and fruit vegetable cultivation, flower cultivation and a roof garden for trees and plants. The whole forms a department store of green solutions for the city.

The building is designed as a proud sculpture of steel and glass that stands out against the sky of Beijing with a series of transparent bay windows.

Client: AgriGarden
Project: Vertical Farm entrance building
Location: Innovation Park Beijng, China
Programme: 3.500m2 Horticultural expo, vertical farm, demonstration, rooftop greenhouse
Greenhouse technology: Ammerlaan constructions
Planning: design 2019, realisation 2019-2022