Vertical Farm Hengshui

The Hengshui Vertical Farm building is the research and demonstration center of the Hengshui Rural Revitalization and Demonstration area; the International Horticultural Park of China.

The building consists of four layers. The automated vertical daylight-free crops under LED lighting with laboratories and processing areas are located on the first two layers. Some of these facilities have glass walls and are located at the Entrance and Experience hall on the ground floor. The Demonstration center for horticultural suppliers is located on the third floor. On the fourth roof floor is the Sky Farm situated with compartments for horizontal fruit and leaf vegetable cultivation.

The building has a glass facade and sustainable low-energy cooling based on adiabatic evaporation. With the characteristic ultraviolet light, the building glows in the evening like the Treasure box of the Horticulture Park.

Client: Confidential
Project: Vertical Farm Hengshui
Location: Hengshui, Hebei province, China
Programme: 12.000m2 Horticultural expo, vertical farm, demonstration, rooftop greenhouse
Vertical Farm technology: Logiqs Greenqube & Viscon ViVi
Planning: design 2019, construction 2020-2022