Westwater Stad

Westwater Stad is a vision of "Living with Water" in high density planning in Westland, the Netherlands. By climate change and soil drop is "Living with Water" in a high-density environment, one of the most urgent tasks that the Netherlands has to deal with.

"Westwater Stads desire to take the urbanization of the fortress city as a starting point and connect it to a watery ground level."

Westwater Stads desire to take the urbanization of the fortress city as a starting point (security, narrow streets, well-organized public space) and connect it to a watery ground level. The planned ecological and recreational corridor is at City West Water made in the form of a floating structure with green islands with facilities. It is the living environments for water birds, fish and bats. Recreational seen the water surface increased and the nature become more divers. Through a direct physical contact of the homes and facilities with the water, interaction is guaranteed.

Westwater Stad aspires to a full water surface on grate. The current building method of concrete constructions on a pile foundation, it is in principle possible to build cities directly above the water. In this way, the water surface of the planning area increases with about 8 hectares. The Poelpolder was originally always been a river in the Westland Delta. First of the Meuse and now for drainage of the Westland. The approach of Westwater Stad ensures a smooth flow of drainage water and water circulation for flora and fauna.

The new urban water can be used for a wide spectrum of innovative water. Both on a collective scale and private scale. Floating facilities as a solarium deck, water park and a natural bath has effect on the scale of the entire neighborhood. Common gardens in each court may play a role in the ecology of the water district. Finally, the driving private gardens give a complete new face.

Client: Stadsgewest Haaglanden en Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij het Nieuwe Westland
Project: Casa Nova Competition 2007 'Living with water' (1st prize)
Location: Poelpolder, Westland municipality, the Netherlands
Program: 325 houses and 220 apartments with facilities, water storage
Advisor ecology: Alterra, Vincent Kuypers