A special area is located on the edge of South Rotterdam, between the city and the port. The Wielewaal enclave is located in the green zone, surrounded by park and trees. Well hidden from its surroundings, you can imagine yourself here in an environment that writes its own history. Here you can live in a recreational landscape where the houses are leafy and the greenery is never far away.

De Wielewaal finds its strength in the uniqueness of the enclave. Its unique character is created because it separates from Rotterdam-South in architecture and surroundings. The demand for a typical Wielewaal house arises from this. We build on the Wielewaal identity with its strong repetition of blocks and variation in gardens.

"The task for the design of homes in Wielewaal is to celebrate the recreational landscape."

The residential blocks are like a long train behind each other with the gardens in between. All the carriages of the train are apparently identical, but if you look closely look you see differences. In a quiet architecture where the materials enter into a conversation with the landscape.

In the hidden idyll between city and harbor you feel the tensions of life disappear. You can relax and enjoy the relaxed life. Living in Wielewaal feels like every day weekend.

Client: BPD Ontwikkeling BV, Regio Zuid-West
Project: De Nieuwe Wielewaal
Location: Rotterdam South
Planning: design 2017 - ongoing, execution 2021- ongoing
Urban design: The Nijl Architects
Landscape design: Bleeker Nauta landscape architects
Contractor: Van Wijnen Stolwijk
Constructor: Van Rossum Consulting Engineers bv