Worlds of Food Doha Qatar

The Client aspires a showcase of its worldwide involvement in food production and processing. The companies ambition is to achieve food security for Qatar with worldwide production from horticulture, livestock, fisheries and open field agriculture providing a healthy meal for all its inhabitants. The expo is planned on a location near Doha with an agricultural programme of 3,3 hectares combined with education and lodging facilities. How to envision the clients ambition in a desert condition?

Food Valley
The building is organized around a central food valley. The food valley acts as a sunken oasis with terraces showcasing worldwide agricultural landscapes. Spaces around the valley can accommodate education, laboratories and lodging. The building can be equipped with a high techno-logy sustainable cooling system and sweet water production depending on location/access to cold seawater.

Food Gardens
The building is organized as a carpet of covered food gardens. Each garden shows worldwide food products within their own microclimate. A Royal tour through these gardens is a sensible experience of smells and flavors of the clients food products. Spaces around the gardens can accommodate education, laboratories and lodging. The building roof shades, humidifies and cools with high technologies providing a pleasant and comfortable environment.

Food Tower
A building is organized as a series of stacked landscapes. The building displays the future ambition of the clients becoming the food supplier of the Gulf region. Different floors show the latest agricultural techniques within a controlled a high tech eco system. The Food tower is situated in the metropolitan area of Doha, preferably in the vicinity of the head offices. The Food Tower accommodates educational and lodging facilities on the top floors offering the guests splendid views of Doha.

Client: Confidential
Project: Food expo center
Location: Doha, Qatar
Programme: 33.000m2 Food Expo, research & education facilities, lodging
Developer: Paleisgroep International
Agriculture: Wageningen University
Building technology: ARUP
Planning: Design 2012