11 Jul 2022

Boas notícias! Rooftop Greenhouse Agrotopia is shortlisted for the World Architecture Festival award 2022. Finalists Van Bergen Kolpa Architects + Meta Architectuurbureau will present Agrotopia live for an international jury in Lisbon during the World Architecture festival from 30 November - 2 December 2022.

22 Jun 2022

Van Bergen Kolpa presents Family Scraper de Maasbode at the Architectenweb symposium 'Stacked living for families' during the Rotterdam Architecture month. Read more about it here.

14 Jun 2022

Van Bergen Kolpa presents Family Scraper de Maasbode at the debate on 'Heavenly Living in high-rise buildings' led by Merel Pit during the PROVADA real estate fair. Read more about the debate >here.

14 Jun 2022

Van Bergen Kolpa will be at the Provada 2022 in Amsterdam with the Wybertjes project.

1 Jun 2022

Family Scraper de Maasbode part of the (T)huis expo in the Nieuwe Instituut during the Rotterdam Architecture Month 2022.

1 May 2022

Agrotopia in d'a

1 Feb 2022

Agrotopia in A+

7 Jul 2021

Van Bergen Kolpa designs 125 circulair houses for the >Hortus-Floriade te Almere > commissioned by Amvest Dura.

1 Apr 2021

Family Scraper de Maasbode nominated the Job Dura Prijs 2020.

The Job Dura Prize 2020 had the theme 'Living: at home in Rotterdam'. Projects that provide innovative or exemplary solutions for the housing challenge of the city of Rotterdam have been sought and thus respond in several ways to improving the quality of life of its residents, both now and in the future.

Family Scraper De Maasbode was nominated. The jury is impressed by the in-depth research that preceded the development of this new housing concept and sees this initiative as a serious response to keep families in the city. It shows the guts of the developer to opt for innovation and quality in such a clear way, partly through the oversized outdoor spaces that are being realized in the project and the addition of spacious family homes. The design of the Maasbode is also very convincing and of the highest order in terms of spatial layout and materialization.

29 Oct 2020

start of sale woningen Familyscraper de Maasbode by BPD and contractor van Wijnen.

9 Oct 2020

van Bergen Kolpa and Wageningen UR investigate on behalf of AG Vespa the feasibility of redevelopment of SAMGA Grain silos in Antwerp Belgium up to 10,000m2 Vertical farm.

20 May 2020

Van Bergen Kolpa designs 30 single-family homes at Park 16Hoven in Rotterdam on behalf of Cedrus Vastgoed.

11 Jul 2019

Van Bergen Kolpa supports and co-finances with, among others, NWO, Unilever, Philips, Bayer, Priva and GrowX four-year and 5 million euro multidisciplinary research into Vertical Farming in urban buildings in collaboration with Wageningen UR and TU Delft

10 Sep 2017

van Bergen Kolpa wins architects selection for the design and execution of 120 family dwellings in the project Wielewaal Rotterdam south commissioned by BPD development and Woonstad.

23 Jun 2017

Festive start of construction of Boulevard houses Nieuwe Waterweg.

10 Jun 2017

van Bergen Kolpa lectures on Architecture for Food and presents the 2nd magazine on Architecture for Food with the University of Wageningen.

2 Jan 2017

Van Bergen Kolpa wins architectural selection for design and execution of 106 forest homes in the project DUIN Almere commissioned by AMVEST.

6 May 2016

van Bergen Kolpa co-curates exhibition Food to Be for EU Ministers of Agriculture and gives an interview on Architectuur for Food.

4 Apr 2016
5 Jan 2016

van Bergen Kolpa with ABT and Wageningen UR selected for the multiple assignment of 45.000m2 New Construction of Gelder Fruit and Vegetables.

3 Jan 2016

Team van Bergen Kolpa with Meta, Tractebel, WUR and Smiemans wins the 10.000m2 Rooftop Greenhouse Inagro in the competition Pilootprojecten Productief Landschap of the Flemmish state architect.

1 Jan 2016

van Bergen Kolpa wins architectural selection for design and execution of 86 dune dwellings for plan DUIN Almere commisioned by AMVEST.

10 Mar 2015

van Bergen Kolpa lectures at the Milan World expo 2015 in the Dutch Pavillion on Architecture for Food and Park Supermarket.

12 Jan 2015

Official opening Westpolder Center.