17 apr. 2023

Van Bergen Kolpa designs the Huis van de Wijk in the Florabuurt Capelle aan den IJssel with 48 homes, a healthcare center and care dwellings commissioned by Pameijer and Havensteder.

7 jul. 2021

Van Bergen Kolpa designs 125 circulair houses for the >Hortus-Floriade te Almere > commissioned by Amvest Dura.

9 dec. 2020

van Bergen Kolpa designs timber construction Villa in Kreekbos south in Almere in private commissioning.

29 okt. 2020

Start sale houses Familyscraper de Maasbode by BPD and contractor van Wijnen.

9 okt. 2020

van Bergen Kolpa and Wageningen UR investigate on behalf of AG Vespa the feasibility of redevelopment of SAMGA Grain silos in Antwerp Belgium up to 10,000m2 Vertical farm.

20 mei 2020

Van Bergen Kolpa designs 30 single-family homes at Park 16Hoven in Rotterdam on behalf of Cedrus Vastgoed.

11 mei 2020

van Bergen Kolpa designs the redevelopment of the Wybertjes fabriek in Hilversum and the new-build 45 apartments around a collective garden, commissioned by Eliza Vastgoed.

7 nov. 2019

Van Bergen Kolpa supports and co-finances the international Sky High Vertical Farming research consortium.

Van Bergen Kolpa supports and co-finances the Sky High Vertical Farming research with NWO, Unilever, Philips, Bayer, Priva and GrowX. The four-year and 5 million euro multidisciplinary research into Vertical Farming in urban buildings is in collaboration with Wageningen UR and TU Delft.

12 apr. 2019

Van Bergen Kolpa commissioned by AgriGarden to design the 3.500m2 Vertical Farm Beijing China.

13 mrt. 2019

Van Bergen Kolpa and Meta participate in the closed design competition Manufakture on the Abattoir site in Brussels Belgium.

29 jan. 2019

Van Bergen Kolpa commissioned by AgriGarden to design the 12.000m2 Vertical Farm Hengshui China.

22 okt. 2018

Van Bergen Kolpa commissioned by Kavel Real Estate to design the 103 apartments and 2 houses in the Kruisdijkpark Portugaal.

11 okt. 2018

Van Bergen Kolpa commissioned by housing corporation Havensteder to design the 36 gezinswoningen en ouderenappartementen in Rotterdam North.

10 sep. 2017

Van Bergen Kolpa wins architects selection for the design and execution of 120 family dwellings in the project Wielewaal Rotterdam south commissioned by BPD development and Woonstad.

23 jun. 2017

Festive start of construction of Boulevard houses Nieuwe Waterweg.

2 jan. 2017

Van Bergen Kolpa wins architectural selection for design and execution of 106 forest homes in the project DUIN Almere commissioned by AMVEST.

5 jan. 2016

Van Bergen Kolpa with ABT and Wageningen UR selected for the multiple assignment of 45.000m2 New Construction of Gelder Fruit and Vegetables.

3 jan. 2016

Team van Bergen Kolpa with Meta, Tractebel, WUR and Smiemans wins the 10.000m2 Rooftop Greenhouse Inagro in the competition Pilootprojecten Productief Landschap of the Flemmish state architect.

1 jan. 2016

van Bergen Kolpa wins architectural selection for design and execution of 86 dune dwellings for plan DUIN Almere commisioned by AMVEST.

1 dec. 2014

Van Bergen Kolpa wins selection to design the Boulevard development along the Nieuwe Waterweg of het Balkon van Maasluis commissioned by BPD Bouwfonds Property Development.

6 feb. 2014

Festive start of the execution phase of Westpolder Centre. Expected delivery by the end of 2015.

15 jul. 2013

Van Bergen Kolpa with Wageningen UR and Loos van Vliet Landscape take part in the invited competition for the Agricultural Demonstration Center commissioned by Cofco Eco Valley, Beijing China.

14 jun. 2012

van Bergen Kolpa signs Green deal Urban Agriculture withe the Ministry of Economics, Agricultre and innovation in cooperation with Priva, LEI Wageningen en De Volharding Breda.

1 mrt. 2011

Van Bergen Kolpa commissioned by the Municipality of Lansingerland to design the bridge over the Zilvergracht of Westpolder Centrum.

25 sep. 2010

The Nabuurschappen and Tuinkamers Hoogvliet are delivered and officially opened with a neighbourhood festivity.

1 mei 2010

Van Bergen Kolpa commissioned by the cooperative farmers association Oregional to design a Landscape Supermarket in the Ooijpolder near Nijmegen. 

1 dec. 2009

Van Bergen Kolpa commissioned by Schipper Bosch to design the sustainable business estate de Wieken in Amersfoort

18 jul. 2009

Together with 24 international firms, van Bergen Kolpa presents their design for the Olympic Quarter in Almere. The apartment building within the urban plan of MVRDV commissioned by Stadgenoot.

1 apr. 2009

Van Bergen Kolpa appointed as urban planner for the Bergwegkwartier Rotterdam commissioned by Vestia Rotterdam.

1 apr. 2009

van Bergen Kolpa designs for the manifestation Foodprint a Landscape Supermarket commissioned by Stroom Den Haag.

1 nov. 2008

Van Bergen Kolpa presents 'Water Hectare City'; a development strategy for 'Building with Water' commissioned by the Gouds Regionaal Architectuur Platform.

1 mrt. 2008

Van Bergen Kolpa commissioned in cooperation with BVR Advisors to develop the Masterplan Rode Waterparel for the development of 1300 private dwellings in the water Polder landscape of the Zuidplas Polder.

1 okt. 2007

Festive start of the execution phase of the apartment block 11 ‘Mercurius’ on the Müllerpier in Rotterdam.

1 sep. 2007

Festive start of the execution phase of Nabuurschap Hoogvliet within the Co-Housing project.

1 jun. 2006

van Bergen Kolpa Architects commissioned to design the new housing facilities for a young and eldery community in the Co-housing project Hoogvliet.

1 mrt. 2006

Van Bergen Kolpa Architects wins the invited competition for centre development of the new town of Westpolder.