Campus Hoogvliet

The Rotterdam Urban Planning

The Rotterdam Urban Planning and Housing Department (dS+V) commissioned an urban master plan for three secondary schools in a regeneration district in the garden town of Hoogvliet. The master plan centres around the relations between knowing, working and living.

The spatial layout organizes the functional programme into a variegated carpet of educational facilities, cultural centres, sports amenities and diverse residential milieus. An ambience of peace and quiet, ideal for study and contemplation, is achieved by prominently interspersing the buildings with blocks of greenery.

The identities of the schools (Einstein Lyceum, Penta Collage, ROC Zadkine) are recognizable as individual buildings on Kennisplein (“Knowledge Square”) and Praktijkplein (“Practical Square”). These open spaces form the entrance to the campus and give access to the centrally situated culture and sports park. The residential blocks are situated on Campus Avenue and embrace the squares and the park.

The image of the Campus is determined to a significant extent by the presence and the visual quality of the main amenities. The cultural building and the sports complex are the icons of the Campus. They form part of the education but are at the same time supra-neighbourhood facilities for the whole of Hoogvliet. The park, the green courtyards and the squares with amenities provide diversified green spaces for school pupils and local residents. The interweaving of different parts of the functional programme produces an integral urban model with a rural character. Public, collective and private domains blend smoothly into one another. Learning and working fuse and mix with recreation and dwelling.

Client: Urban Planning and Housing Department (dS+V), Rotterdam
Project: Urban Master Plan for 30,000 m2 of schools, cultural centre, sports complex and housing
Participants:Woonbron, Einstein Lyceum, Penta College, ROC Zadkine, Jeugdtheater Hofplein, Sportschool De Korte, OBR
Location: Meeuwenplaat Hoogvliet
Planning: design 2005