Cohousing Nabuurschappen

The Neighbourship Tarbotstraat design consists of a small-scale urban module or 'stamp' for the garden town of Hoogvliet. Each stamp is a repeatable unit consisting of about ten one-family houses with individual gardens, grouped around a collective open space. The central garden is ideal for children at play, a community barbecue or a jeu de boules competition.

Collective resources such as rainwater and compostable waste are used for watering and fertilizing this green oasis. The entrance area to the housing community of the stamp provides space for parking cars and bicycles.

The blocks of three, four or five houses are orientated towards the sun, the gardens and the nearby canal. Each collective is embraced by a 'green facade' colouring the community differently by each season.

Client: Estrade projecten, Rotterdam
Project: 48 one-family homes with individual private gardens and three communal gardens
Location: Tarbotstraat Hoogvliet
Planning: design 2005-2006, construction 2007-2010
Buildingcosts: 5,5 mi euro
Construction engineer: CAE Nederland
Building physics: LBP Raadgevende Ingenieurs
Cost estimation: van Reisen bouwmanagment & advies
Contractor: Dura Vermeer Bouw Rotterdam BV
Prizes: World Architecture Festival Award